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Dear Pier 7 Community
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being the eyes and ears of this Marina and for helping us out with your input, feedback and advice. In turn we felt that we should take this one step further by sending you all regular updates on the marina and the plans via email. This way we can keep you informed about what is going on and you should feel free to give us your thoughts and feedback.
Marina Building Process

The progression of the Marina building is coming along very well! We have finished the first few rooms on the first floor and can't wait to see the finished product! Compared to how it was, it looks like a brand new building.

Hurricane Joaquin

We all prepared for Hurricane Joaquin but we are glad to say that we were fortunate that it missed us and we incurred no damage, only the rain and high tides. As we all have seen on the news, other places such as South Carolina had dams breaking, sink holes, and more serious flooding like we saw with hurricane Katrina. Pier 7 would just like to thank you all for being cooperative with the unknown path and possible damage. We were grateful you all took our recommended precautions seriously just in case it had not missed us.

Sunrise Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is located here at Pier 7 on the beach by the ramps. SUP offers Yoga classes, Lessons, hourly rentals, birthday parties and kids day camps. This is a great way to find your inner-self!!


SUP INFO: 434-234-4443

Please Note: SUP Paddle Boarding will return back in spring 2016.

South River Jet Ski Rentals have top quality equipment and great rates! They are located on the beach by Coconut Joe's. Employees are very approachable and pay close attention to detail in order to ensure safety at all times. This is a great way to get your "need for speed" fix.

JET SKI INFO: 410-212-4202
Check Jet Ski Website

Please Note: South River Jet ski Rentals will return back in spring 2016.

The Catamaran Company chose Pier 7 Marina as their new location for their Mid-Atlantic Sales Office. As the worldwide leader in all aspects of the catamaran market and the world’s largest dealer for Gemini Catamarans and Lagoon Catamarans, we can help you find the perfect catamaran that suits your needs.
We all love a good drink or two and what better way of doing it then walking off your boat and into Coconut Joe's. They have revamped their food menu and have a lot of entertainment to offer. Upcoming events include some live bands, Paintnite every Friday evening, Mid- Evil Halloween bash and awesome Game day deals.


Please Note: hours have change for the winter, new hours are Mon- Thurs: 3:00pm, Fri- Sun: 11:00am

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